Diverting calls made to the SMS modem number

If you are using a modem to send SMS messages from Panara then sometimes people will try to call back.
You can’t answer calls made to the modem number but you can set up a call divert so that all calls to that number are diverted to the practice number.
(Calls diverted this way supply caller-id information so you’ll be able to retrieve the caller’s records before picking up the phone)

The instructions below are for setting up a call divert for vodafone but the process should be similar for other providers.

First you need to go to the vodafone website https://www.vodafone.ie/




if you’ve not registered there already then you’ll need to select the “Register for my Vodafone” button and then do as in the following picture


A text with a PIN will be sent to the modem which you’ll find in the SMS inbox in Panara and then you’ll enter that PIN on the vodafone site and create a password.

Next you’ll log in:

Once you’re logged in it can be confusing to find the Call divert section.
At the moment and until they change things this link works.
The call divert set-up looks like this. Do as in the following picture and that’s it.