Previous Updates

Release Notes for 3.7.0 (14/02/2018)

Added the ability to see all the occurrences of a treatment selected the KPI window as they occur in each patient’s card.

Release Notes for 3.6.3 (06/02/2018)

The program now displays the date and time of the latest computer to log-in to welfare partners by
Panara as well as the name of the computer to do it.
Fixed the bug where the dates in the welfare partners are incorrect.

Altered the way emails are sent using from a patient record card (tools -> email -> Send an email).
This was formerly carried out using a helper program. However recently this has been falling foul
of some anti-virus programs which would mean the email would fail. Because the emails were being sent
asynchrously by the helper program, the only confirmation that the email is sent successfully is the
appearance of a link to the email in the patient’s notes. These emails are now sent by the main panara
program which means the user now has to wait until the email has been sent or fails to go.
Other situations in which this could fail without the user being aware included situation where the
gmail password had been altered but the password in Panara was not changed.
Unsent emails including part-completed ones can be retrieved via an ‘Unsent Emails’ button on the main

GMS claims can be uploaded to the PCRS from the program. You will need to have already loaded the cert
from the PCRS into internet explorer in order for this to work.

When recording patient charges the user is no longer asked to confirm the amount being charged.

When closing out of the window where a letter is composed, the user is no longer asked if they wish to
file the letter, it was an unnecessary second question.

If it is decided to not show certain appointment books to certain users or on certain computers then
patients with appointments today in those books will no longer appear in the Appointments today list
on the main form.

Added support in the program for Supremo remote desktop in addition to Teamviewer for computers
where hardware support have their own host teamviewer module installed effectively access to others.

Release Notes for 3.5.7 (06/12/2017)

Bug fixes and minor alterations to welfare partners

Added the ability to import the most recent periodontal chart recordings into a new chart.
fixed an issue with checking eligibility on the welfarepartners site.

Added a degree of support for the welfarepartners site. This version will check pps numbers for eligibility.
A later version will add support for claims.
Release Notes for 3.4.5 (30/09/2017)

Altered the program to load gmail which had stopped due to an alteration in gmail’s browser support or page content.

Improved the speed with which a patient record card appears when opened from the appointment book.

Fixed bug: Very occasionally when you closed a patient’s record card, no other window appeared.

The Print Receipt option in the window where patient payments are recorded is no ‘sticky’
on a practice wide basis, so it stays checked or unchecked according to how the last user
left it. A change made to the checked/unchecked status by another user is only picked only
picked up on log-in.

A new option to print a short statement on the patient receipt has been added to the same
window as above and this option is also sticky.

Added a feature to handle gift vouchers. Vouchers can be purchased by anyone and later refunded or more likely redeemed to a patient’s account. The transactions are fully integrated in accounts and also in calculations of dentist’s earnings paid for by voucher
redemptions. Unused vouchers that are unlikely to be redeemed/refunded can be assigned to
a new Breakages account.A full audit history is kept of each voucher and also vouchers can be tracked down by date and status. There is a gift voucher account to see the current balance and all transactions.

The checkbox in the diary determining whether exams due should be displayed or
not is now ‘sticky’ between logins (on a per computer basis).

If charges are being tagged by operator and there is only
one operator there is no longer the annoyance of having select that operator
when recording a payment.

Added the ability to add a cc for outgoing emails

Fixed the bug that was causing the printer to eject lots of blank pages when printing a prsi claim form.

Fixed a bug that was introduced with the new individual appointment history feature

When you record xray details there are now very visual cues if you have not put an entry in every category.
Also if you put e.g. an entry that an x=ray is unacceptable this is also highlighted.
This is useful because the next time you record an xray the fields are pre-filled with the entries from the previous use and without a reminder you might record acceptable as unacceptable etc.

You can now sort the data by any column in the claim manager by clicking on the first
row of the column you want to sort by. Click the first time and it sorts in ascending order.
Click a second time and it sorts in descending order.

Program will now send an SMS with details of a pasted appointment if the the option to send an SMS when making an appointment is turned on.

In Recall queries allow user to specify that patients must NOT BE ON a specific list. It was already possible to specify that patients must BE ON a specific list.

Fixed bug where the facility to print notes in the patient record card was not printing everything. It now mirrors what is displayed on record card.

Fixed bug where the print color when over printing the PRSI form was green

Altered the alternate color for required items from orange to black as orange not different enough to red for people with red/green color blindness

Fixed a bug that hid the doctor telephone number when viewed from the patient record card.

Added support for the VHI dental claims including the completion and printing of the claim forms and the management of claims, for example tracking how much has been credited to the patient relative to how much has been paid by the VHI etc.

Fixed a bug regarding automatic confirmations of appointments by patients via sms messages. This put the patient confirmation sms in the inbox for manual handling in some situations where it could have been handled automatically.

Fixed bug where if you are logged in as a non-partner and then lock the program and log in as a partner, some of the options in the advanced section of the main form are unavailable

Fixed a bug when writing claims where a dentist who had only provided part of an item was getting named as the claiming dentist. Then because he had not completed any items the claim could not be completed.

Alterations to appointments are now stored and can be viewed to see what was changed, when it was changed and by whom.

Fixed a bug introduced recently where nothing happened when you tried to add the patients displayed in the SMS view window to a user defined list
Fixed a bug affecting the editing of dsa/receptionist users’ details.

Fixed a bug where if a user just ‘x’s out of the full gms check window (the captcha window) rather than clicking on the button the process remained open in the background doing nothing but still tying up processor resources

For texting, the program now counts the euro symbol ‘€’ as three character
when calculating the numbers of characters in a text to accord with the number of bytes it takes in a clickatell message

You can now block off appointment slots for multiple days and/multiple dentists/hygienists in one action.
You can also un-block multiple, previously blocked off intervals in one action.

Release Notes for 3.3.3 (18/11/2016)

This update contains a fix should finally prevent any further occurrences of the ‘Check system date’ bug that has been cropping up occasionally for some people ever since version 3.3.0 was released.

In the program, partners, dentists, hygienists and DSA/Receptionists have different levels of permissions.
Until now it has not been possible for users to change these. Now a permissions system has been added to selectively
allow categories of users and individual users to do tasks that were formerly restricted to partners.
This should make delegation of responsibilities easier to manage.

The ‘PRSI Exam Provided’ button in the charting window is now always enabled.

When you cancel an appt then the menu item in the appointment book that contains the name of the last patient whose card was open will change to contain the name of the patient whose appointment was just cancelled.
Often they will be the same but sometimes they are not and it was pointed out to me that this sometimes makes it tricky
to cancel and then remake an appointment for a patient

Bug fix for a serious bug that has the effect of failing to save changes to patients to the database even though
to that user they appear to save normally.
When users on other computers try to look at those patients, Panara freezes and requires a restart.

Some improvements to the gms checker, to make sure that will always appear in front of other windows to solve captcha and
in the event of there being a problem to exit if a check not working for some reason

Bug fix for importing previous treatments

Added the ability to mark a patient’s personal details as incomplete. When the patient’s card is subsequently opened
their name will be in red, as opposed to blue for patients whose details are complete.
Also added the ability to set a duration after which patients details need to be confirmed. Once this duration
is exceeded for a patient, their name will appear in black rather than blue.

Added the ability to retrieve the new patients in a selected time period and the username of the operator they were first seen by.
The results can be saved to a list of exported to a csv file

Have added a way to flag particular patients when their names appear in the appointment book or come up in searches or in callerid.
Their names will be flagged in these places if a note has been added in a new location on their record card and the icon that provides
access to this note is also highlighted and flashes if there is text in this note. The purpose of this note is to hold the sort of
information that you would like to be read before, for example, the patient is given an appointment.
The note is not permanent and clearing it removes the flagging from all locations.

There is now an option in the appointment book to flag appointments where the patient is due an exam. This should help reduce the number
of missed examinations for patients who are on regular hygiene recalls but haven’t booked an appointment with the dentist.

You can now have individual price lists for different dentists and hygienists. Users can select to use their own price list or the
default price list. The default price list corresponds to the current price list and is the one used unless a user specifically
selects to use their own list.

Fixed a bug that was affecting the automatic insertion of gender of new patients (based on the forename entered).

More information about the possible causes of failure is now provided when an attempt to send an email fails.

Any changes made to the price list will now come into effect immediately. This means 2 changes.
Firstly there is no longer an option to select a future date for a price to come into effect.
Secondly until now only the most recent price change before the start of an existing course of
treatment for a patient applied. This was the source of a lot of confusion for people and the
two changes together things a lot simpler.
You can now chart extractions, crowns, endodontic treatments, implants and veneers on multiple teeth at the same time.

You can now move sms messages that have failed to go out, back from ‘failed’ to ‘here’ and then the program will
attempt to send them again. This only applies if you are using the modem and sim method of sending sms messages.

When you click on a link on page, other than the final one, in a patient’s record card to view e.g. a claim, then
when you return to the record card you are still on the same page. Previously, the final page would have been opened.

Added the ability to alter the claim total of an existing claim. Previous alterations to this are stored and
can be viewed to see date of alteration, what the previous value was and who altered it.

The program now enters the correct total value in medical card claims for multiple denture repairs.

Fixed the bug where you could show listings in accounts for combined receipts/refunds for just one dentist.
Also enabled the showing of listings in accounts for refunds for just one dentist

You can now chart private bridges crowns, implants, veneers and orthodontic treatments while the charting is
open under the GMS scale. The items in the lists will be in red to alert you to the fact that they are not GMS
treatments as you chart. They are given prices according to the private price list.

Add the option to import un-provided treatments from the previous course of treatment to the current one.

Scanned documents will now open by default to fit horizontally so there will be no need to reduce the image
before viewing and scrolling will only be required vertically.

Release Notes for 3.2.3 (03/09/2016)


Altered the headline on the patient record card to a Post-It style floating note.
This enables more information to be displayed. There is the option to revert to the
existing style of note if desired

You can now view combined receipts and refunds in the same listing.

The habitual name is now more prominent in the record card
Extended the GMS ‘Full’ Checker to check for eligibility for prophylaxis, extractions, 1st and 2nd stage endodontics, B3 periodontal treatment and B5 denture treatments.

Fixed the display issues with the results from the ‘short’ medical card check.
(Text from the webpage that isn’t supposed to be shown, was visible at the top of the display.)

Added support for Sopro Dental Imaging to the program.

You can now enter all types of patient financial transactions dated to earlier dates.
This facility is only available to partners and requires the entry of the user’s password.
The password will not need to be entered again for subsequent retrospective transactions as long
as they are commenced within three minutes of the completion of a previous transaction.
This is to facilitate the entry of multiple transactions e.g. from a bank statement.
The user also has the ability to turn off the facility immediately after using it.

The check box in the ‘scan’ window to control whether or not the scanner interface will now remain in the state it was last set at rather than always being unchecked when the window opens.

For many combined printer scanners it was necessary in the past to have the check box mentioned above ticked in order for scanning to work in Panara. In a lot of cases this may no longer be necessary. So it may be worth a try to see if you can now scan with the box unchecked as if so it can save quite a bit of clicking.

A new button has been added to the window where appointment details are added so that a user can both make an
appointment and add the patient to the cancellations list in the same action.

The “remove from cancellations list” check box has been removed from the window where appointment details are filled
in. This makes this window slightly less ‘busy’.
Instead, the cancellations window now has two buttons, “Select” and “Select and Remove from list” to choose from, to achieve the same thing.
Formerly there was just one button here and then the user had to decide whether to alter the value in the check box
on the appointment details afterwards.

Three new tags have been added for use in sms messaging. They are for the title, firstname and surname of the dentist with whom a patient has an appointment. So now SMS ‘appointment cards’ and appointment reminders can include this information. This will help prevent those situations where patients attend and only then say they had wished to see a different dentist.

Fixed the recently introduced bug where you no longer had the option to email a letter as an attachment if it had already been saved as a draft.

The information on displayed on the main window about the lastest database snapshot now flashes if it is more than 24 hours since a snapshot was made. This is important information that requires action and is now more visible than it was previously.

The SMS icon (for people using modem and sim for messaging) is now a bit more informative about the status of the modem both through the information provided when you hover the mouse over it and also through the addition of a new symbol to indicate that there a problem.
Part of the new information provided is the strength of the mobile signal reception.

The behaviour of the window where you view a particular patient’s SMS messages has been changed. Previously it opened showing the messages queued for sending (ie the messages ‘here’). Now opens showing the completed messages
for the period starting one month previously until the current date. This contains the information people are usually looking for. However, the patient’s entire message history is still available by using the filtering options available in that window.


Release Notes for 3.2.1 (05/08/2016)


You can now alter the tooth on which a treatment was carried out retrospectively.
The post-alteration treatment has a small comment added in the record card noting the date of the most recent alteration.

Program will now fill in all cpitn boxes on the GMS form D rather than just those with values of 3 or 4

In both the Main window and in the Patient Record card there is a lock menu item that
both locks the program until the same or a different user logs back in. As well as being a security feature this allows for a quick change of user without having to exit the program completely.

When an appointment book is hidden, sometimes that book would still be visible on other users’ daylist view. This has now been fixed.

There is no longer a delay in the appointment appearing in the apppointment book if you are on the computer with the modem attached and have set so that an sms appointment is sent at the same time.

Panara now detects if windows alters the port number to which the SMS modem is attached
so there is no longer any need to manually set port numbers for the SMS modem.

Panara now detects the mobile messaging number for the sms modem so this no longer needs to be entered manually at set up

The limitation on length to 160 characters for messages sent or received via the SMS modem has been removed.

Fixed issue where callerid feature was not working on windows 10 64 bit computers (there was no issue in 32 bit Windows 10 or in 32/64 bit in any other versions of Windows).

You can now add a setting so that when you are in the treatment window you will be prompted to record a BPE if the patient has never had one recorded or it is longer than
a particular duration since one was recorded. Only patients who have one or more permanent teeth recorded as present can trigger a prompt.


Release Notes for 3.1.7

You can now add extra sessions to an appointment book for a particular date range on selected dates of the week. This is useful for situations where someone does not normally work on wednesday afternoons, for example, but wishes to do so for short period.

Added a shortcut to the patient record card to allow access to recording sterilistion pouch numbers rather than having to use the menu.

The program will now overprint the front page of the PRSI D1 (blue form) and the front and back of the D2 (green form).
The parts of the forms not filled in are those details relating to employment/marital status/benefits etc that the clamimant
needs to complete themselves.

When viewing the grid which shows receipts by operator and type there is now the option to export this grid to csv by right clicking anywhere on the grid

Sometimes if it finds a cheaper routing, Clickatell may choose one that will result in a text arriving at a client’s phone
without a senderid. The same applies with regard to delivery acknowledgements.
Two new options have been added to the SMS settings for Clickatell such that if these are chosen Clickatell will only
choose routings that support these features and will not send the text messages otherwise.
This may result in more expensive texts.

A discount can now be given to the patient directly from the charting window

When you put in a price for an item when marking it as completed from the charting window you are no longer prompted to confirm the price.

One way of sending an email from the program is to write a letter in the normal way and then send it as an attachment to an email. The email that it is attached to, was formerly always the same. Now it has different wording depending on the context and these are provided via templates which the user can now alter.

You no longer have to access gmail from a particular patient’s chart in order to assign an email received to him/her.
You can now assign emails to different patients from the gmail window and also attach a comment each time.

Added the ability to find patients by their habitual name.

Release Notes for 3.1.3
Added the new periodontal charting feature to panara, which now has 6 point recordings for probing depths, recession and bleeding and also allows for recordings of furcation
and mobility

Release Notes for 3.1.2

Added a feature to allow for the importing of scanned records into Panara as pdf files, one per patient.
These files can either be created using panara or can be imported into the program in bulk from files created
by a digital document company. There is a new icon the the patient record card that indicates the presence or
absence of a scanned in legacy notes and for those patients that have them, clicking on this icon will open the
pdf in the default pdf reader.

Release Notes for 3.1.0
fix the gms checker in response to a change on the pcrs website
fixed a bug that was preventing the altering of the visibility of appointment books for users and computers
fixed a bug affecting display of appointment sessions in day list view
fixed a bug affecting setting of new prices for endodontic items

Some cameras may no longer work with the windows video APIs already in Panara so support
for DirectShow has been added in addition

The check box that determines whether the scanner’s interface is shown or not, will now preserve its setting between uses.
Each computer on the network can have its own individual setting.

Release Notes for 3.0.6

Altered the gms full check to account for changes at the pcrs website

Fix bug where some buttons hidden in the letter editing windows on computers with very low screen resolutions.

Fix bug where some buttons hidden in the email editing windows on computers with very low screen resolutions.

When printing the daylist, the appointment purpose as well as the comment is now printed.

Release Notes for 3.0.2

Can now confirm appointments and undo confirmations without goint to the appointment book

There is now a warning if you chart more than 11 teeth on a gms partial denture.

Feature added where an assistant/locum* dentist’s GMS approvals and claims can be submitted using a another dentist’s panel number.
The program will continue to track these claims internally as the providing dentist’s claims.

It is now possible select from a choice of texts for appointment reminders and recalls, e.g there isn’t just one recall template that you have to edit
each time you wish to send a different recall message.

When using the modem for texting can now have reply texts confirming attendence automatically
update patients appointment entries in the appointment book.

Because some people on unlimited texts now they want to be able
to send texts when making all appointments
So have made the ‘send appointment reminder’ checkbox sticky again but moved it so people
less likely to click it inadvertently.

When editing zones for the appointment book, the zone colour now appears in the same way (foreground/background) as it does in the appointment book.

fixed a bug in the saving of descriptions in zoning

fixed a bug in saving of setting to display/not display operator in receipts/refunds

improved clarity of a couple of lists by including username, surname and firstname of users

Can now export a list of new patients for a particular date range including date of first attendence, chargescale and who they saw at that visit

A Cancellation list has been added to the program. Patients can now be added
to separate dentist and hygienist and easily retrieved to make an appointment when
a slot becomes available.

Can now send SMS messages via a sim card rather than via Clickatell

Can now receive SMS messages from patients

Can now chart a bridge with no pontics (for crowns bonded together)

KPIs now include charts on individual treatments and types of treatment

Can now view the data in KPIs in grid format as well as charts and also export the data to csv file format for import in excel or
any spreadsheet/database

Can now have zoning in the appointment book so certain types of appointments are booked where you want them to be.

When viewing the full list of a patient’s appointments they are now colour coded
according to whether the date is today, in the past or in the future.

Fixed a bug when searching for patients by PPS number or Medical Card number when PostgresSQL is installed on Windows xp
– this error did not occur on later versions of windows

Panara now uses PostgreSQL as its database.

Release Notes for 2.8.2

Added a new option in the recall manager to restrict selection to only those PRSI/GMS patients
whose most recent exam fell in a previous calendar year.

Improved the experience when creating a price by no longer requiring repeated entries of the date

Endodontic treatment now appears on the graphical chart
Fissure Seals now appear on the graphical chart as long as the treatment is named ‘Fissure Seal’ and an individual
one is charted to each tooth

Moved the edit menu for the practice email details to the same menu that has options for recording emails received etc
You can also edit this email address from the form where you send a letter as an attachment

When sending a letter as an attachment there is now improved checking that the destination address is a valid one

When sending a letter as an attachment the program now inserts the patient’s email address if the letter is addressed to the patient.

If you alter the destination address you have the option to save the new address as the patient/contact one

Formerly it was just a contact’s email addresses that would get inserted.
Added the ability to scan in and record sterilisation pouch barcodes against a patient in Panara.
Also added the ability to view the sterilisation history for a patient and export to a csv file.

If a patient is listed as GMS or PRSI and their course of treatment was started in a previous year the user is warned about this
when going to the charting window.

Release Notes for 2.8.0

When the user cancels ap appointment and then goes to make a new appointment for that patient, the appointment purpose, duration and any coment are carried over
If the user alters the comment at cancellation from “pt wants fill done today” to something like “patient apologises” it is the former comment
that’s inserted into the new appointment.
And also the program won’t insert details from hygienist appointments in dentist ones and vice versa.

BUG FIX: where if an error occurred during the creation of a new patient in the process of making an appointment for that patient then the result
could be the creation of an appointment for a null patient

There is now an option to display Receipts for 1 operator if the practice is tagging each receipt by operator.
Also improved the usability of this part of the program

Release Notes for 2.7.1

If the user selects composite as the default posterior filling material it now only applies when the private chargescale is selected.

Many files are accessed via links in the notes (e.g. scanned in documents). When viewing these there is now an option to copy these into the patient’s folder so that
they are available for other purposes such as attaching to emails.

Added support for an alternative sms provider, txtconnexions (
As with clickatell, Panara has no affiliation with txtconnexions. If you want to use them you need to open
an account with them and then enter your username and password into panara.

Altered the GMSCheck program to account for a change in the wording of the results on the PCRS checker website

Release Notes for 2.7.0

Added feature to allow user to jump from the view of an appointment on the list of appointments inside the Patient Record Card to viewing that appointment in the Appointment Book/DayList.
Amongst other things this makes it easier to cut and paste appointments.

Can now add attachments to emails sent from the ‘send email’ menu entry on the email submenu of the Tools menu in the patient notes window


Release Notes for 2.6.9

When viewing lists of previous sms messages you can now also add these to a list

Added Support for VixWin imaging software (Gendex)

For GMS claims that won’t be printed (ie those already printed for approval purposes), the program now reminds the user at claim time to enter the completion date manually.

Changed so that Panara checks for the status of SMS messages recorded as undelivered for much longer, 6 weeks instead of 6 hours. But it does so on an increasingly infrequent basis.

Removed the warning during charting where the program tells you you’ve done a GMS exam in the last 12 months and replaced it with one for the calendar year

Modified the bridge to Carestream Imaging (Kodak/Trophy) so that Patient name and ID now appear at the top of the Carestream window.

Panara will now advise the user if there is an authentication error on the Clickatell site such as can occur if the password is changed on the clickatell site and the new password isn’t entered into Panara.

Modifications were made to hopefully reduce interference from some anti virus programs.

You can now record a review of an existing medical history in 3 clicks. Optionally you can record a comment in the review. Reviews can be deleted on the day by the person who made them. Thereafter they are fixed

The navigation buttons (for moving through a day’s appointments) will now move you relative to a patient that you previously selected from the mini daylist.

Fixed bug where when you delete a name from list of previously viewed the entire list is temporarily cleared

It is now possible to send email from non gmail addresses from the program, so if you have your own website it’s now possible to send patients emails from e.g

Fixed the notification on patient record card for PRSI exams so that now goes by calendar year.

Fixed some incorrectly captioned tooltips on patient record card

Fixed bug where summary information on most recent scanned medical history was not appearing on the charting form.

Increased the length possible for email address for forum registration from 24 to 50 characters

Can now select to show scanner user interface during scanning. This is necessary for some scanners.

Added the ability to select a different background colour to the program for each user

When you open the window that allows you to an edit an appointment you
are also shown the username of the user who originally made that appoinmtent
or if it was moved, then you are shown the username of the user who did that.

When making an appointment the option to SMS the appointment details has to checked every time if
you wish send the text. Prior to this it saved whatever setting it was set to at last use.

Panara can now detect if one or more of the numbers or letters of a PPS number are incorrect.

Panara now allows user to shut down a running teamviewer instance to allow QuickSupport to Run
Quicksupport can now also be called from the log on and also right from the first message box if there is a problem at start up

Added the ability to the program to automatically insert a patient’s gender based upon
the patient’s first name.
A list of nearly 6000 names was added to the program to enable this.

Added a method to correct records for all patients given the wrong gender.

When recording x-rays for audit purposes if is now much easier to select the correct x-ray than before.
It’s also easier to select from the lists of justifications and reports.
It takes fewer mouse clicks than before to record an x-ray.

Added the ability to transfer appointments from one book to another.
Can transfer all future appointments or just those in a specific date range.
Can also restrict it to appointments that fall on selected days of the week

Added the ability to copy session times from one day to others when adding/altering an appointment book.

Added the ability to control which appointment books are visible on a particular computer

Added the ability to control which appointment books are visible to particular users

Added a method to calculate patient debtors or creditors at any date

Patient folder on patient record card is now color coded to indicate if is empty or not.

Altered certain data types in program and database to allow for future expansion.

Added support for Trident dental imaging

Release Notes for 2.5.7 (25/08/2013)

This update (like all future updates) will be downloaded automatically by Panara provided you have previously updated to version 2.5.4 There is an update for 2.5.4 further down on this page.

The program now has a wysiwyg (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML editor for
designing email templates and writing emails.
Email templates can now contain in-line images and use different font sizes,
colours, underlining, formatting etc.
This removes the need to include an x-ray, for example, as an attachment.
You can now also insert the same range of tags into emails that are already available for letters.

Emails sent are available for viewing as a clickable link in the patient record card in
the same way saved letters are.

When sending an email to a patient or to a contact, you can now add an email address for that
patient/contact on-the-fly

If you receive an email about a particular patient to your gmail account you can now link directly
to that email thread from the patient’s record card.

While in the embedded browser if you send an email, Panara will detect this and offer you the
opportunity to create an ‘Email sent’ link in the current patient’s record card.

Added the abilty to export Patient details and appointments for use by other applications.

In view sms the total number of SMS messages listed is now displayed as is a count column
to give an idea of where in the list you have scrolled to.

When adding/editing a patient’s or a contact’s email address, Panara will only save it if it has
the correct structure for an email address (blah@blabla.bla).

You can now get the value (in terms of amounts paid by the patient) of dentists referrals to hygienists.
If you give incentives to encourage suh referrals then this feature should make that a lot easier to

Added the ability to Panara reset your Panara forum password and recover your username if that’s lost.
Only requirement is that you remember and have access to the email address you supplied on
forum registration.

Altered the name of treatment item from C.P.I.T.N to B.P.E

Release Notes for 2.5.4 (22/06/2013)

(This upgrade is for existing customers of Panara, it will only work if a full version Panara is already installed on your computer)

The downloading and installation of updates to the program is now almost
completely automatic.
Currently many practices tend to stick with older releases for a long time and this change should
encourage earlier adoption.
Once an update becomes available the program will download it.

The user is then offered the option to install once they confirm that a verified backup has been
made, otherwise they can continue with the existing version until ready.
After this version, downloads will no longer be available for download from the website via your browser.
The program does the download and is also able to verify that the download is genuine.
This provides an extra layer of protection in the event of the website being hacked.

Added a forum for users of Panara. Users can access the forum via the patient record card
on which there will also be regular updates on the latest post to the forum.

The forum is private to users of Panara only.

This is enforced by making it possible to register for the forum only via Panara.

Once registered, it’s possible to log in from any browser. See this blog post for more information on the forum

NOTE :As a result of this update Panara collects the following information:
1) When a user registers on the forum the identity of the practice they register from is also collected.
2) The version of the program each practice uses is also collected.
No other information is gathered.

To get help from panara via teamviewer all the user now has to do is click on a Help menu item
and supply Panara with the Teamviewer ID when it is displayed.

Teamviewer does not have to be installed for this to occur.

Panara now gets from Clickatell, the IDs, status and cost in credits of all messages.
Panara does not record a recall reminder as having been received until Clickatell confirms same.
This is also the case for appointment reminders.

You can now view the content, status and cost of every SMS sent. You can do so for all patients or just zone in to a particular patient’s messages. The list of failed messages, in particular, should be useful for detecting and eliminating bad phone numbers.

Added the ability to send appointment details instantly to the patient via SMS when they make an appointment

Information in the appointment book for past dates can no longer be altered.

When printing GMS approvals a commencement date is now included.

You can now export a custom list of patients to a csv file for use by e.g MS Excel.
There is a wide selection of choices of information anout each patients that can be included.

Bug Fix : When printing a GMS approval if an exam wasn’t included the ‘no exam’ box wasn’t being checked

Bug Fix : In GMS approvals the user was being asked to enter CPITN values repeatedly and sometimes unnecessarily

Bug Fix : A bug in the display of charting on the patient record card.

Release Notes for 2.4.6 (15/12/2012)

You can now send SMS messages longer than 160 characters long when using the Clickatell gateway.
Longer messages wil incur extra charges as per your Clickatell contract and has nothing to do with Panara.

Program queries the number of available credits at clickatell before sending each SMS and if the balance is less than 1, it does not try to send that SMS but instead queues it for later sending.

The last Clickatell credit balance returned is now viewable by clicking on the SMS button on any patient.

There is now an option to directly scan in completed medical histories rather than using the in-built questionnaire.

Added a warning to GMS approvals that the dentist who will be providing the treatment should be the user who generates the approval.

Bug Fix : In SMS, to eliminate possible causes of repeated sending of the same SMS :
(1) program confirms is receiving a response from clickatell before attempting to send each SMS
(2) program will limit number of attempts to 2 before giving up whereas before it made unlimited attempts
(3) Only one instance of Panara on a computer will attempt to send SMS from the pending list
(4) Messages that have not been successfully sent after 6 hours will be deleted

Bug Fix : In GMS claims that prevented non-dentists from generating automatic claim serial numbers and sometimes prevented dentists from doing so also

Bug Fix : in editing of appointments when editing from the patient record card.

Bug Fix : where if space(s) in the medical card number the medical card check returned nothing

Bug Fix : where the hygiene recall letter had an invalid file format

Release Notes for 2.4.4 (18/10/2012)

Bug Fix : fix for printing error

Release Notes for 2.4.3 (04/10/2012)

Bug Fix : For the address autofill feature introduced in version 2.4.1

Release Notes for 2.4.1 (23/09/2012)

Up until now when you imported the charting of teeth from the PCRS website
only the teeth that were recorded as missing in the PCRS website were imported.
Now on import the remaining permanent teeth are set to present.

There is now the choice to print in black and white or color for gms claims and
approvals and your choice will be saved as a setting.

When you’re adding a new patient or altering an existing one the program now offers
address suggestions (based on the addresses of other patients in the system) as you type.
This will typically result in only having to type in part of the first line of an address
rather than 4 or 5 lines

Some changes have been made to the inter computer messenger system:
– Bell can now be optionally turned off.
– Message window can be set to close automatically when a message has been sent.
– Newly received messages can optionally be masked from view until message window clicked.
– The list of past messages is now more explicit in detailing to where outbound messages have been sent
– Computers can now have an alias different to the computer name (useful when the actual name is not meaningful or a computer has been moved).

Added the ability to fill, print and save to the patient record an orthodontic assessment form.

Added the ability to both print Med 2 forms and save the filled in form to the patient’s record.

Can now choose to print 2 copies of GMS approvals as part of the save process.

Each patient now has a storage folder into which can be dropped miscellaneous files and
folders specific to that patient. The folder is accessed via an icon on the patient record card

Reduced the number of clicks necessary to process and print a claim from 4 to 2

PDF files can now be added into a patient’s record card as a document.

Increased the number of details (about each individual treatment item) shown when viewing an
existing claim.

When a bad debt is written off, the patient’s balance is cleared.
Thereafter if this patient phones to make an appointment there is nothing to alert the staff
member that there might be a problem.
So now patients who have had a bad debt written off will be highlighted by the presence
of a a red letter ‘B’ next to their account balance.

Bug Fix : If you wrote a long clinical necessity note it would be all on one line
and could go beyond the right margin of the clinical necessity box
on GMS Form D.Now it wraps to the next line and stays inside the box.

Bug Fix : Where you attempt to unblock an interval with an appointment inside it.
If an appointment is inside a blocked off interval and you right click
on the appt and then go to the unblock interval menu item you end up
deleting the appt rather than unblocking the interval.

Bug Fix : when advising the user that a claim was being matched to an approval the
message gave the date of the approval as the current date. This message has
been altered to correct this and to also advise the user that the same claim
ID will be used unless the user specifies a different one.

Bug Fix : fixed bug in recall manager whereby it’s possible to specify that a recall
date should fall in a future/past calendar month without entering a number
to indicate which month.

Bug Fix : In some cases where expiry of med card was different from that stored
the program did not prompt to update the stored expiry date

Bug Fix : a rarely occurring bug where clicking on a patient’s name in the callerID
matches window would not cause the patient’s card to be displayed.

Release Notes for 2.3.9 (19/05/2012)

Reorganised the layout of the recall manager :
— removed some annoyances
— all the options are now in tabbed pages rather than on one long scrollable sheet.
— clicking on a line in the query description now opens the tabbed page that generated that description entry.
— it’s now possible to select recalls by calendar month.
— now possible to filter based on whether patients have email addresses or not

Added the ability to email recalls

Bug Fix : For a bug which arose owing to the changes introduced in version 2.3.5
The effect of this bug was that in some cases the same claim ID could be used for more than
one claim on the same patient. The result of this would be the return of the second claim
by the PCRS and the necessity to alter the claim number before re-submitting

Release Notes for 2.3.5 (14/04/2012)

Colour coding of appointment purposes has now been added to the Appointment Book.
This is in addition to the colour coding that already indicates when an appointment
slot has single, double, multiple bookings etc.
The purpose of an appointment is indicated by the background colour of the cell that
that displays the duration of the appointment in minutes.
Additionally, positioning the mouse pointer over the cell will cause a pop-up box
to appear that details in words, the purpose and any comment that was
appended to the appointment.

The color coding and the pop-up box are also present in the mini-daylist.
For individual appointments, the purposes, appointment duration and any comments
can now be edited in the appointment book, the mini-daylist or via the appointment
label in the patient record card.

Altered the printing of GMS claim forms by inserting a check box for ‘Above The Line’ approvals.

A set of lab features has been added.
Certain treatments and categories of treatment will now trigger the creation of laboratory items.
The default categories are Crown, Bridge, Implant, Veneer and Denture. This is fully configurable.
For example treatments of category ‘Denture’ can trigger the creation of a lab item
but a particular of ‘Denture’ treatment, e.g ‘Denture Ease’ can be excluded so that it does not.

Laboratory items can also be created ‘on the fly’ at any time.
Laboratory items are linked to a charted treatment.

Once a laboratory item has been created it will be tracked as it goes to the outbox,away from
the practice and returns from the laboratory in 1 or more cycles until it is completed or discontinued.

There are visual alerts in the appointment book, adjacent to appointments for patients with active lab
items and alerts are also visible on record cards.
The colour of the alert indicates the status of the lab item. Postioning the mouse over the alert will
cause further information to be pop up.

By looking at a future day’s appointments in the appointment book it can be seen at a glance
which appointments may have an issue with lab items not being back in time (based on their due date.)
For example, if a future appointment has an orange alert next to it that indicates that either
the return date for a lab item is dated after that date or the item has no return date recorded.

Some patients will have ongoing lab items that have either not been started yet or are back from the lab.
Users will be prompted for lab movement information on days when these patients have appointments.

Reception can view items placed in the ‘outbox’ by the surgery staff and check them out as they are collected.
Similarly, Reception has a list of all items that are away, ordered according to due date, and can check these
items in as they are returned.

Added the ability to make the default posterior filling material either amalgam or composite.

When adding new patients or altering existing ones, pressing the enter/return key now has
the same effect as pressing the tab key.

Added a choice of colours for display of treatments required in charting for users with red/green colour blindness.

Added the ability to make GMS claims without the necessity of closing a course of treatment first.
The blog post on March 10 2012 discusses the significance of this.

In entries in patients’ accounts usernames are no longer shown by default next to Bank and Cash entries
e.g Cash – AB1 where AB1 is the username of a dentist in the practice. This is a relic of from the time when
when the dentist who opened a course of treatment would be the ‘account dentist’ for that patient.
When than one dentist provided treatment during a particular course and also when patients paid
during a later course for treatment provided during a previous course etc., adjustments would be necessary.
It was left in until now for the benefit of users who had grown used to it and were prepared to accept these limitations.
However it continues to be a source of confusion to others even after they are advised to ignore it.
For users who absolutely insist on these deprecated feature, there is a setting that turns it on.
The accurate way to allocate patient charges to dentists is via the ‘Patient Charges (Schedule)’ button which allocates
patient charges on the basis of who has carried out the treatment and is the recommended method.

Users who are not partners can now only view receipts/refunds listings for the current date.

Added support for Digora Optime imaging

Bug Fix : where wasn’t being indicated on the patient record card that patients who hadn’t
had a GMS exam in the current year were eligible for one

Bug Fix : where if patients’ names were being inserted into long sms messages and a patient had
a really long name the number of characters might exceed the 160 character limit.

Bug Fix : removed some annoyances in process of adding/altering users

Bug Fix : where in adding or altering patients the tab key skipped over the habitual name box and the email address box

Bug Fix : Presence of ampersand character in SMS message caused the message to be truncated

Bug Fix : In Recalls in ‘overdue for recalls by either’ setting which if selected could
cause patients not actually due for recall being added to results of a query.

Release Notes for 2.3.1 (29/11/2011)

Added support for the Cliniview imaging system

It’s now possible to navigate to and from patient record cards from the listing of patients in the schedule.

Users now prevented from making back ups inside existing back ups.

Program will advise from 1/1/2012 that GMS exam can be carrried out where
none recorded previously in the same calendar year. This reflects the new
interpretation to come into effect then

Altered the way Panara interacts with intra-oral cameras.
There is now a ‘capture’ button on the window.

Altered the way “TheDental Plan” patients’ filter works when finding patients.
“The Dental Plan” patients are now included in search results
when “The Dental Plan” checkbox is unchecked.

When emailing e.g a referral letter up to 3 files can now be attached to the email.

When recording an x-ray for auditing purposes there is no longer a need
to scroll to select the x-ray type.

In printing GMS claim Form D there is now an option to print/ not print the summations column,
which is reportedly present purely for the convenience of the GDP.

Bug Fix : user no longer asked if new patient with default D.O.B (ie 1/1/1900)
is a duplicate if existing patient(s) also have that date of birth

Bug Fix : display in patient record card of links of some older periodontal chartings not formating correctly

Bug Fix : fixed bug in Key Performance Indicators which in some cases could attribute the last
attendence for some patients to the wrong operator

Release Notes for 2.2.9 (09/09/2011)

KPIs (key performance indicators) have been added to Panara.
These make it easy to grasp the variation over time of important
statistics such as the numbers of new patients, earnings, hours worked etc.
The results are presented graphically in the form of bar, line and pie charts .
Information for various operators can be aggregated or shown side by side.
Any combination of operators can be selected.
It’s possible to view the same statistic over a period of years or to drill
down to months and days.
The KPIs in place so far cover patient numbers, earnings and claims.
More will be added on an incremental basis in future updates

When calculating an operator’s schedule you can now also view the make up
of the schedule in terms of gross, discounts, payments and arrears for each patient.

This data can also now be exported to a csv file for use in other programs such as
Microsoft Excel.

Support for the tagging of patients as members of ‘The dental Plan’ has also been added.

Release Notes for 2.2.7 (21/07/2011)

2 new buttons have been added to the treatment window which provide information on the
currently selected tooth.

The first provides chronological list of all the treatments charted on the tooth prior to the current course of treatment. The details provided are date, operator, treatment, chargescale and whether the treatment had been charted as present, required or provided.

This makes it a lot easier to review the treatment history on a particular tooth rather than doing so by looking through the notes on the record card.

The second button summons a list of all the treatments charted on the tooth in the current course of treatment and also allows for the deletion/cancellation of these items.
This makes it a lot easier to correct a charting mistake than was possible previously.

Bug Fix : habitual name tag being left in some sms messages rather than being replacd by habitual or first names

Bug Fix : fixed formatting issue affecting some notes in pt record card

Bug Fix : By clicking on a past date, then the required button (in the patient record card)

you,can see the price quoted for items that were never provided in previous courses of treatment unless no price was quoted in which case the item displayed incorrectly.

Bug Fix : error message sometimes given when navigating through a day’s list of patients
via the navigation buttons at the bottom of the patient record card

Bug Fix : Sometimes given when navigating through a day’s list of patients via the navigation buttons at the bottom of the patient record card patients whose appointments have been cancelled or deleted will be displayed

Release Notes for 2.2.6 (03/06/2011)

The mini daylist form that appears adjacent to patient record cards
now has the same appearance as the appointment book/daylist.
It is also now possible to check-in check-out etc patients (by double
clicking on the appointment status icons.) via the mini daylist.

Added support for magnetic card reader to read (swipe) medical cards
and store results to patient record card.

Release Notes for 2.2.5 (22/04/2011)
When the program prompts that an item may not be reimbursed (according to the most recent check of the PCRS database) it also offers the opportunity to enter a clinical necessity.

If a clinical necessity is entered it is later printed on the claim form.
If a clinical necessity is not entered, the user is reminded at claim time and given a further opportunity to enter one.

You can now store an habitual name for a patient. There is also now a tag for this
available for letters and SMS templates.
In all places where you use the habitual tag in a template, if a particular patient
does not have an habitual name stored, then their first name is inserted instead.

The medical History can now be accessed from the Treatment window

When you click in a patient as having arrived, the program will check to see if that patient has an appointment with anyone else on the day.
If it finds one it will ask if you want to check in for that appointment also

You can now choose which port to use when sending gmail (465 or 587)

Can now print scanned documents/images saved to documents

Added support for Raymage imaging software

When assessing how many fillings a GMS patient is entitled to, Panara now
uses the calendar year as the reference rather than a duration of 1 year.
(This is separate from and nothing to do with the check based on reference
to the PCRS database)

Bug Fix : Items provided over more than 1 visit won’t trigger claim if the completion part has a zero claimable value.

Release Notes for 2.2.2 (12/03/2011)

The ability to create lists of patients has been added to the program.
These lists can be added to from built-in lists already in the program
such as the output of a name search, a recall list, a claims list,
an appointment list etc.
Patients can also be added to lists on a one by one basis via a check box
on their record cards.
Once created (in the terminology of Sets) these lists can have Union, Intersection
and complement operations carried out on them (logic equivalents : OR, AND, NOT, respectively.)
The results of these operations can stored in one or other of the source lists or a third list.
This allows for slicing and dicing of the patient base in any number of ways.
You can view the patients on a list, send a selection of them a letter or an SMS or the list can be used as part of a filter for recalls.(44)

It is now possible to send a patient either a custom SMS or an SMS message selected from a list of templates direct from their record card

It is now possible to create and store SMS message templates.

Can now use Medical card numbers and PPS numbers as tags in letter templates (113)

There is now an option to warn the user when a GMS treatment being charted will not be covered
according to the most recent check made of the HSE’s PCRS database.

There is now an option to import into the charting the teeth that are missing according to the most recent check made of the HSE’s PCRS database

When viewing a patient’s appointments on their record card the day of the week of the appointment is now displayed next to the date.

It can now be highlighted in the appointment book where appointments are
longstanding, ie where the number of days between the date an appointment
was made and the date of the appointment itself exceeds a user-defined limit.
The highlighting is achieved by using different coloured icons for these


Bug Fix : In Recall Manager which allowed for the creation/display of saved queries with
incompatible combinations of criteria.


Bug Fix : When a user logged in as a dentist prepared a gms claim/approval for a different
dentist part of the first user’s panel number was used to generate the form number .
The GMS require form numbers to be generated from the panel number of the dentist
whose details are on the form.
Now the panel number of the dentist whose name and panel number appears on the
form is used even if a different dentist prepares the claim.

Release Notes for 2.1.8 (20/01/2011)

Auditing of X-Rays can now be triggered by the provision of item(s) from a user-defined list.
So now if you provide e.g a treatment “Exam 2BW” then when you leave the Treatment window
you are prompted to provide audit information. (213)
This new functionality can be used as an alternative or in conjunction to the method introduced
last year where auditing is triggered by the calling
of external imaging software by Panara.

The pcrs database can now be checked to see if a particular PPS number has an associated
medical card, if an examination can be provided or not and which teeth can be filled. (226)
Data returned by the PCRS is saved to the patients’ records.

All caller ids captured by Panara are now stored to the database, date and time stamped so
that you can review who called at any time and go directly to their record card with a single click.

Panara can now directly integrate with an intra-oral camera. You can now store intra-oral images
direct to patients’ record cards for easy viewing and insertion into letters etc. The camera that was
used during development of this feature cost less than £100 stg (incluing shipping) on ebay.
(Note: You can already use an intra-oral camera with Panara via a standalone imaging package.)

You can now, when writing a referral letter, choose to email it as an attachment in a process that
just involves clicking the email button rather than the print button .

If having checked a Medical Card number via the online service the number/expiry date differ from
those stored in the program the user can choose to replace the stored values rather than having to
do so manually, as was previously the case

Altered the patient record card so that the first 100 characters of any memo attached to a claim are no
longer shown next to the entry for that claim in the notes. If the user wishes for the memo to be shown he
can choose this setting from a memo option in the patient record card.

Added a bell ring to notify arrival of a message from another computer (23)

Bug Fix : CallerID: When opening a second instance of Panara on a single computer the
new instance program tried to start monitoring calls.
Since the first instance had already done this an error message was displayed (208)

Bug Fix : When viewing a document it was necessary to draw a selection frame with the
mouse on the displayed image before you could copy to the clipboard.
Now if you don’t draw a frame the entire image will be copied which is the desired behaviour.

Bug Fix : that caused an error message to be displayed if a modal form was open
and program attempted to display caller id. (209)

Bug Fix : where inter-computer messenger window would not stay in front of other windows until closed and which could have the effect of a message not being noticed (204)

Bug Fix : that sometimes delayed the display of messages sent from one computer to another (210)

Bug Fix : that was causing slowness of bridge from Panara to trophy (178)

Bug Fix : where since a recent update a date of birth had to be entered for each new patient.

Bug Fix : If when writing a letter, the user clicks to view a different letter, he was thereafter
not prompted to save the new letter on closing it.

Bug Fix : In CallerID where IDs with no digits resulted in an incorrect match (216)

Bug Fix : In webcam where the ‘viewfinder’ picture was differently aligned to the saved picture

Bug Fix : In GMS Approval view the user had to manually select the date of a reply,
this has been altered so that it defaults to the current date

Release Notes for 2.1.5 (27/10/2010)

Added Caller ID functionality to the program. If an appropriate
modem is connected to a computer running Panara and to the
practice landline then whenever the number of an incoming call
matches that of a patient a small window will pop up listing patients
with that number. Clicking on a list entry will open up that patient’s
record card.
Caller id modems are not all that easy to locate. The model used in
development of the Caller ID functionality in Panara was:
Zoom model 3095, 56K V.92/V.90 USB mini external modem.
There are vendors on Ebay willing to ship these to Ireland, costs vary
but total cost including shipping should come to less than €50.
One modem only is required, although as many computers of the network
as desired can display the caller information.
There are different drivers for this modem for different versions of Windows
so follow the instructions carefully.
If a spare phone socket is not a vailable then an adapter will be required.
Telephone cable with plugs on both ends will be needed to
connect the modem to the phone jack (socket.)


Altering the wording of the dentist’s declaration on Panara printings of Form D
in response to a email by the HSE to a dentist using Panara requesting this alteration.

The old wording was :

“I certify that the Treatment detailed hereon has been completed and claim the appropriate fees”

The new wording is :

“I certify (a) that the Treatment detailed hereon has been completed (b) clinical necessity as may be outlined below and claim the appropriate fees”

Release Notes for 2.1.4 (03/10/2010)

Set the order of data entry for both searching for a
patient and adding/altering a patient’s details
to surname then firstname. Previously the order
was not the same for both

Information shown at top of record card regarding
allowable treatments has been improved.
It Will now indicate if an exam and fills can now
be done (as per 1 exam per year and 2 fills per year
on GMS and 1 exam per year on PRSI). If these cannot
be done then the program will tell the user when they
can be done.

In weekview of appointment book the user can now choose
to show 5 or 6 days per screen as well as the default
choice of 7 days

Added ability to rotate scanned images and save the

It is now possible to incorporate images into templates
for letters and other documents. Previously you could
paste in an image to a letter or other document but this
would not have been saved to the template which would
only store text.

It is also now easier to paste images into letters/estimates
etc. This is useful if you wish to incorporate an x-ray
image (stored in, e.g, Vistascan) into a referral letter.
Previously this was doable but more awkward.

Users can now check on prices of items prescribed in previous
courses of treatment but which were never provided.
Click on the relevant date in the patient record card. Then
click on the ‘Required’ button next to the graphical chart.
In the list that appears the price is now displayed next to
each item

Bug Fix : Restored the functionality whereby fields used for
search for a patient were used to pre-fill new patient details.

Bug Fix : if a birth date more than 1000 years was entered by
mistake for a patient the program made it awkward to correct

Release Notes for 2.1.3 (29/07/2010)

Added functionality to the program to help users comply
with the Dental Council’s criteria for clinical audit in radiography.
Details of all x-rays taken are recorded and statistics regarding quality,
justification, findings, etc. are presented.
Information can be retrieved on a per patient or practicewide basis
for a user-supplied date range and can be exported to
MS Excel etc.

Automatic formatting of names and addresses of new patients or
alterations to existing patients has been modified. It will now only
occur for any item (eg surname or first line of an address) if the
letters for that item are all uppercase or all lowercase. This change is
introduced to avoid inappropriate formatting such as when ‘Macken’ is
formatted to ‘MacKen’ or ‘Carraig na bhFear’ is formatted to
‘Carraig Na Bhfear’.
In these situations the correct formatting should be entered and as
there will be mixed lettercasing the program won’t attempt to alter it

Added ability to filter recalls based upon a named dentist who was
the last dentist seen by that patient.
Equivalent functionality added for hygienists.

PRSI treatments (including exams) are now flagged as claim required
even in open courses of treatment.
These claims can now be made while that course is open. This change
was implemented chiefly to cover situations where only the examination
would be covered by the PRSI but the patient would be returning for
further private treatment.
Previously the claim would be delayed until all the treatment
was completed but this no longer arises since the budget
cutbacks to the scheme.

User is now able to delete items charted as present in previous courses of
For example, a patient might have had a crown charted as present on UR1
when it was actually on UL1.
If the error was not corrected during that course of treatment then there
was no way to remove the crown from UR1 in subsequent courses of
Items deleted in this way, will still be visible when viewing
chartings recorded prior to the date of deletion.
With hindsight it is amazing that this oversight never seemed to cause
any difficulty prior to this.

Altered the menu bars in the Patient Record Card window and the
Treatment Charting window so that the user can now flick from one to
the other without having to move the mouse.

Appointment book week view now displays more information and has
the same ‘look and feel’ as the day view.

It is now easier to alter the appointment book session times.

Can now block and unblock appointment slots from the Appointment
book day view as well as the week view.

Can now add memos to the appointment book unrelated to an appointment.

Can now display a reason for blocking off appointment slots.

Can now adjust column widths in the Appointment book day view and
setting alterations will be saved for that user.

Can now store an email address for each patient

Added ability to print copies of a receipt via a button in a patient’s accounts.
This function is accessible via a right click on the relevant amount in the
account (as when altering the amount of that account entry.)

Saving a pre-existing draft of a letter now overwrites that draft rather
than creating a new draft.

Default is now to not display the a/c dentist for receipts/refunds but allow
for display via a menu option.

Bug Fix : empty slot corresponding to memos appearing in the mini daylist

Bug Fix : error when try to open dialer window from SelectAppointmentBook window

Bug Fix : If user decides to cancel saving receipts details or a list of claims to
file is still prompted for a file name.(165)

Bug Fix : in print notes where references to claims printed twice

Bug Fix : auto change of title when gender changed doesn’t work if title has a
period at the end, e.g Mr.

Bug Fix : opening Medical History via clicking on notes entry left notes open.
By contrast doing so from the Medical History label closed the
notes which is the desired behaviour.

Bug Fix : where it was possible to chart bitewings and periapical x-rays
when GMS/PRSI chargescale selected

Release Notes for 2.0.8 (27/03/2010)

Program now warns user at time of Med card claim if treatments
may require a clinical necessity because of GMS scheme time limits.

Program will advise user at time of claim if patient eligible for
exam or prophylaxis when these are not being claimed.

Now possible to tag reclaims and also claims returned for clinical
necessity submission, to enable tracking of these in Claim Manager

If Patient’s gender is changed and if still has a title for previous
gender this will be automatically changed to a title for other gender.
e.g. if patient gender changed from M to F then if title left as ‘Mr’
the program will change it to ‘Ms’

If user forgets to confirm an item’s price alteration before providing
that item is now prompted to do so.

Can now export patient charges receipts and refunds to csv files

Claim manager now shows column totals for all claims for amount
claimed and outstanding

When you create a list of recalls and double click on an entry to view
that patients records you can now navigate from patient to patient
without having to return to the list each time.
This is the same behaviour that was always there for other lists but
was lacking for this one.

Auto-selection of partial denture teeth now excludes missing
wisdom teeth and includes teeth extracted during the current
course of treatment.

With 3 months from December 31st 2009 almost passed, from
now on, for PRSI patients the treatment window will open with
the Private chargescale pre-selected. A new button is present
to allow for the provision of an Oral Examination under the PRSI

Bug Fix : fixed time limit calculation for warnings for some items
where eg if interval was greater than 5 full months and less than
6 was counted as 6 rather than 5.

Bug Fix : Lettercasing in patient addresses where C/O was being
formatted as C/o

Bug Fix : bug introduced in 2.0.6 where user had to close out of
Vistascan program in order to access another patient’s xrays.
This is required behaviour for some other imaging software but
not for vistascan and caused an unnecessary delay.

Bug Fix : when user opted to save a partially completed letter as a
draft and was then incorrectly asked if they wished to save and file
as if the letter was finished.

Bug Fix : list of orthodontic treatments available for charting
contained repetitions




Release Notes for 2.0.6 (25/01/2010)

Added the ability to save a copy of treatment plans/estimates given to patients to their record card.
Added support for Sidexis digital imaging

Bug Fix : for SMS messaging which if the sending of a single message (of a batch) failed would require a restart of the program in order to send the rest of the batch




Utility download 27/12/2009 (Panara users only) Run this program to create a file that can be opened by MS Excel.

This file contains names, PPSNs and appointment dates closest to 31/03/2010 of PRSI patients with appointments before 01/04/2010 and also the names and panel numbers of the appointment dentists.

This file should be emailed as an attachment to the email address specified in department correspondence on or before 31/12/2009. Contact me if you don’t know the email address or have any other concerns.




Release Notes for 2.0.5 (06/12/2009)

Functionality added to allow for emailing of queries to check on patient eligibilty for dental benefit (P.R.S.I.) A single click will send an automatically generated email from a gmail account to the Department’s email address.
Patient eligibility (Qualified, not qualified etc) can also be now displayed on record card and history of eligibility status can also be stored, including comments.

Bug Fix : A fix for a bug in version 2.0.2 (October 2009) which could cause some items to appear incorrectly in receipts.

Release notes for 2.0.4 (06/11/2009)

This version consists mainly of a couple of refinements to the new recall manager introduced last month plus one feature request which was added (not without some reluctantce!)

In Recalls manager a user can now filter based on the number of recalls sent since the patient was last seen .

In Recalls manager a user can now filter based on whether the patient is/is not due for recall as determined by a comparison of (a) duration since
last seen and (b) each patient’s recall period setting.

A method has been addedto allocate charges collected for a period on the basis of which dentist is the ‘account dentist’ for that period.
The account dentist for a patient at any moment in time is the dentist who most recently opened a course of treatment. This method has been introduced in response to a feature request.
The Account dentist concept, however, has been deprecated in the program in favour of an allocation of charges on the basis of treatment provided which fairly allocates receipts in situations where more than one operator provides treatment during the same course of treatment.
Therefore users of the ‘account dentist’ method will be advised of its shortcomings before each use.


2.03 01/11/2009

Recalls manager altered to allow for inclusion/exclusion of patients who
had failed their last appointment. Similar functionality added for last appointment cancellations.

Put back in automatic setting of a recall date as the default behaviour but which be set to false as part of program-wide setting
In Recalls Manager have altered the parameters of a period in a query in which previous recalls were sent from months to days to allow for finer tuning of the period.
Bug Fix : charting of extracted teeth in GMS approval form sometimes as missing when should be charted as decayed (130)

2.0.1, 2.02 20/10/2009

Recalls Manager has been upgraded. It is now possible to search for
patients to recall using more filter combinations than heretofore. Once a query’s conditions have been set to satisfactory values the query can
be saved for re-use subsequently.
Recalls are now classified as being either dental or hygiene.
Patients can have different settings for both and queries can be developed to retrieve patients who are suitable for either dental or hygiene recall.
Recall dates are no longer set automatically by the program, if a patient has requirements can only be met by specifying a specific date then this can be set manually.
Formerly in order to display user IDs next to notes in patient record cards it was necessary to select the option after each log on.
This setting for each user now persists from session to session.
The program no longer shuts down if an incorrect password is entered, instead the user can try again and is informed of failed attempts at next log-on (47)
Formerly the part-treatment frame closed when the user had part provided just one item, it now stays open allowing more than one part treatment to be provided at the same time (79)
First one hundred characters of any note in a claim now appears next to the entry for that claim on the patient notes (102)
Bug Fix : Pontics in PRSI bridges were not being charted as missing on claim form
Bug Fix : Right Click didn’t work on part of any note that occupied the bottom line of the Patient notes right
hand column. (88)
Bug Fix : Bug whereby treatment whose price was first altered and then the treatment deleted immediately afterwards
(ie without an accounts update first) would still be visible in the daybook view even though no longer
present in patient’s account or notes.
Bug Fix : portion of longish clinical note sometimes repeated (93)
Bug Fix : When a user wished to edit a user’s or a contact’s details, the selection list, in which the
users/contacts were presented, was not in proper alphabetical order. (111)
Bug Fix : Removed annoying messages requiring entry of address details and a title and requesting telephone numbers
when adding or altering a contact. If the title field is left blank a contact will now be given the
title “Dr.” The only mandatory fields are now surname, firstname and gender.
Bug Fix : Old messages in Messenger not being cleared from database (100)
Bug Fix : sometimes the mini daylist didn’t close when it should (70)
Bug Fix : When user used context menu in daylist to designate a patient as being ‘in-surgery’ without first
having designated that patient as having ‘arrived’ then the colour-coding in
the mini-daylist for that patient would subsequently be incorrect.
Bug Fix : In the display on patient notes of the number of months since last exam/s&P etc
if the most recent eg exam was cancelled its date was still used in the calculation
of the number of months since the last exam
Bug Fix : when the user opened a patient’s record card via the ‘viewed today’ list
the navigate buttons at the bottom of that patient’s record card
didn’t allow navigation through the other patients on the ‘viewed today’ list. (89)
Bug Fix : For non-treatment prescriptions where more than one item prescribed only
one recorded to the patient’s notes.
Bug Fix : fixed bug where some treatments weren’t being drawn on the
graphical chart if the treatment name ended with a space.

2.0.0 20/07/2009
Bug Fix : for some GMS claims where all items in approval, claim required indicated but nothing happens when
click to do claim (106), (bug introduced in version 1.9.9)
Bug Fix : bug in menu of patient connections window
Bug Fix : bug where extracted teeth appear present in claims charting for later claim than current one.
Bug Fix : caption over prsi claims required incorrectly titled ‘gms claims required’
Bug Fix : When user right-clicked on a claim (with a reply date) in patientt notes to view claim then when returned
to patient notes window disabled. This bug did not occur for Left-Click. (98)
Bug Fix : delete a payment from a claim and close, pt notes don’t refresh until patient notes closed and reopened (97)

1.9.9 18/07/2009

Added ability to make a clinical note in the charting window via a button at top right
corner of this window
Allowed for improved handling of previously approved items in claims so that can now have approved
items in same or separate claims from items that approval was not sought for at user’s choice.

1.9.8 09/07/2009

Bug Fix : Charting of teeth decayed, missing and filled in prsi and gms claims
Bug Fix : Sending of some text messages to patients more than once
1.9.7 05/07/2009
Added method in the claim manager to allow user to go to a patient’s record card as well
as to the claim. To do this do a single right click on the line showing the claim summary.
A popup menu appears and gives the user the option of either viewing the record card or
the claim
A double click on the line opens the claim directly as before

Added ability to save list in claim manager to a CSV file. This file can then be
used to import the data into e.g Microsoft Excel


Bug Fix : Some courses were coming up as requiring a claim before they
had been closed (77)
Bug Fix : Sometimes non-filling treatments had a filling material appended (39)
Bug Fix : cpitn score not printing on gms claim form
Bug Fix : where part treatments value not being added to item total in claims
this bug was a result of changes introduced in 1.9.6 (92)
Bug Fix : where part treatments value not being added to item total in gms
approvals (96)
Bug Fix : where date of A2 not printed on approval form when A2 already provided (91)
Bug Fix : where dentist’s estimate for B3 not printing on claim form (94)

1.9.6 14/06/2009
Re-organised popup menu in daylist in response to complaints about previous layout changes
Color coded date in mini daylist to indicate whether date past, present or future
Bug Fix : Moving from one patient to another using the mini daylist caused the Messenger
window to close.
Bug Fix : (05) error where user was getting a message that a certain treatment had already been
provided to the patient within the scheme time period when this was not the case
Bug Fix : in price change feature introduced in version 1.9.4 in charting form where a change
in price to one item was also applied to other items in certain circumstances.
Bug Fix : in new query in version 1.9.4. to pull up treatments requiring claim. Items
for which approval had been sought and and a claim made were being flagged
as still requiring a claim

1.9.5 09/06/2009

released to undo buggy changes in 1.9.4 that will be restored in next version
1.9.4 05/06/2009

It is now possible print out prescriptions that are not treatment items and
thus do not have an associated patient charge.
This is useful if you provide a PRSI treatment such as for an abscess and wish
to additionally provide the patient with a printed prescription.
A note detailing the prescription is added to the patient notes.
To provide a prescription in this way go to the options menu on the treatment form.
Added the ability to change the charge scale of already completed treatment items.
This is useful in situations where treatments have already been provided to patients
on one scale who later are found to be eligible/ineligible.
The only treatments where it is not possible to do this are ones already included
in an approval or a claim.
This can be done via a right click on the item in the patient notes.
(Until now it was necessary to cancel treatments provided on a previous date
and provide replacement treatment. This would necessitate an explanatory note
as otherwise the treatment would appear to have been provided on a later date than
was the reality.)

On the same window where you view the recipts for a given day/period
there is now an option to allow you to view the receipts
breakdown down by operator for any period of time
Added the ability to alter prices of already charted items at the last moment before providing them.
Until this it was necessary to go to the estimate to do this or else alter them in the record
card after providing them
Made it easier to enter patient dates of birth, whether entering a new patient,
altering an existing patient’s D.O.B. or searching for a patient using a D.O.B as a filter.
Old method used the datepicker control (calender-like in appearance) which is tedious to use for dates more than a few months distant.
Replaced it with a masked edit box instead. The datepicker control is still used and useful for situations
where the sought date is close to the current date.
When adding a new patient or altering an existing patient’s details, you are now informed
whether the PPS or Medical card numbers match that of another patient.
The program now no longer signals ‘claim required’ for an item if its claimable amount
is reduced to zero. This eliminates the need to cancel such items or make dummy claims
in order to remove them from the claims required list.
Bug Fix : where some patients were showing up in the claim required list but had no treatments
requiring a claim
Bug Fix: where the tally of the number of appointments where a patient left without
being seen was displayed incorrectly on the patient record card

Bug Fix: sometimes when closing out of a patients record card the record card would close
as normal but no other program window would become visible. The user would then have to log in again

Bug Fix: when the PCRS site is down this is now reflected in the error message displayed
upon attempting to a check medical card’s validity. Until now an ambiguous message
was displayed

Bug Fix : in alter user, if user entered a number greater than allowed range for medical
card serial numbers an overflow error occurred

Bug Fix : where sometimes when doing a GMS approval it was necessary to open the form twice in order to view the correct items

1.9.3 23/04/2009

Now have the option of selecting an entire arch for some treatments with one click.
For partial dentures all missing teeth will be selected, for periodontal treatments
all teeth present will be selected.

Added to the address label feature. it is now possible to
(1) Add a patient to the recalls label list from the individual recall manager on a
patient’s record card.
(2) Add patients to a general labels list and then print off these labels
as a group

Now easier to make multiple appointments for a single patient on the daylist view.
The popup menu now contains a dedicated make appointment entry for either,
(a) the last patient whose card was opened or
(b) the last patient for whom an appointment was made.
This functionality was already largely present when making appointments from the
week-to-view appointment book but was lacking in the daylist view.

Holding the left mouse button down on a date in the notes now causes the patient’s age in
years and months on that date to be displayed in the date of birth box.
Holding down the right mouse button displays how long ago the date is in years and months.
Releasing the mouse returns the box entry to displaying the date of birth and current age.

Fixed bug causing some out of date med cards not to be highlighted

Fixed bug in display of duration since last exam/clean on patient notes

Fixed bug in program’s sending of sms via clickatell sms gateway
1.9.2 05/04/2009

Now allows for printing of address labels for recall reminders
for use on pre-printed stationery. Recalls done in this way
are saved to the patient record in the same way as letter, telephone and sms
recalls already are. Therefore they are available for filtering in subsequent recall
list construction.
1.9.1 28/03/2009

added support for Planmeca dental imaging
1.9.0 20/03/2009

Button added to patient notes form to allow
for online checking of Medical card validity

Bug fixes

1.8.9 05/03/2009

bug fixes for changes introduced in 1.8.8
1.8.8 21/02/2009

Patient record card now shows a summary of
that patient’s appointment history (FTAs Cancellations)
and also details of next appointment and number
of future appointments

Bug fixes
1.8.7 21/01/2009

bug fix for instant messages
1.8.6 16/01/2009

Added ability to send instant messages between practice

Finally added the ability to search for potential claims, ie
incomplete treatments where the patient does not have a current appointment

Fixed bug that prevented remote access to database after
auto shutdown of computer doing the back up until that computer restarted again (ref jfbhwsd)

print out of totals column of gms approvals now left blank
to allow for the manual addition of further treatment items
if same print used for claims
1.8.5 14/12/2008

Added flag to patient notes to highlight to user when D2 form required

Improved support for GMS approval handling in program (can now display
lists of approvals by status of response/operator/date)

Fixed bug in letter set up and writing that made it difficult to alter font sizes.

Fixed bug where either GMS or PRSI wasn’t being appended to
GMS or PRSI radiograph entries in patient notes even though was stored correctly.

(-> RECALL )
1.8.4 14/11/2008

Fixed bug in schedule calculation affecting treatment of discounts

Introduced ability to chart entire arch(es) as present or missing as one
1.8.3 09/10/2008

support for schick imaging
imaging programs can now be accessed from charting as well as patient notes
1.8.2 12/09/08

bug fixes
now displays months since last check and clean for
PRSI and GMS patients
1.8.1 15/08/08

Re-introduced support for internet SMS in addition SMS via wireless modem
Enabled auto shutdown of computer after backup

Added auto deletion of previous backups in
back up folder

now possible to monitor/ place a watch on individual teeth

1.7.9 06/07/2008
allowed for opt outs for patients from sms reminders
allowed for editing of sms recall message
1.7.8 29/06/2008

improved recalls including add sms recalls
bug fixes
1.7.7 26/05/2008

added quicknotes
1.7.6 18/5/2008
Assorted Bug Fixes

1.7.3 29/04/2008
med history for a new pt now opens with all healthy options pre-selected.
Continues to open with details of previous mh preselected for older pts

Easier to alter a pt details

Some bugs in pt connections cleared up
Bug in daylist cleared up

Panara Dental now compatible with Windows Vista

Bug fixes, mainly in Daylist.



[Updates pre-2008 documented in previous repository]





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