Short How-To videos

These videos are very short and each one illustrates how to do one small thing in the Panara.


These videos guide you on the use of the debt manager in Panara

Editing Account Letter Templates

Filtering the debtor list

Calculate debtor list at a specific date

Sending account reminders to a filtered list. 

Printing a reminder for one patient in a list, method 1

Printing a reminder for one patient in a list, method 2

Shows effect previous reminders can have on list returned

For statistical reasons record all reminders

Filtering debtors by account code and writing off a bad debt 

Available information on each debt 



Adding a new patient (with the minimum of personal information)
Adding a new patient (via the appointment book)
Editing a patient’s details
Specifying if a patient is private/prsi/gms
Making a patient Hidden
Finding a patient
Making an appointment (2 methods)
Cancelling an appointment (2 methods)
Editing an appointment (2 methods)

Adding ‘Dressing’ as a treatment item (or any other treatment)
Adding a filling material (e.g glass ionomer or a temporary fill)
Adding a new dentist (or any other user)
Adding a new appointment book


The existing series of how to videos :-


Recalls :

Recalls 1 ……….Recall cycles, setting recall dates

Recalls 2 ……….Recall methods, sending individual recalls

Recalls 3 ……….Using labels for recalls

Recalls 4 ……….Templates for letter, email and sms recalls. Editing templates

Recalls 5 ……….Simple recall queries, doing recalls in batches, adding query results to lists

Recalls 6 ……….Writing recall queries

Laboratory Features :

Laboratory features

Appointments :

Appointments 1

Appointments 2

Appointments 3

Appointments 4

Patients :

Adding/Altering Patients

The Patient Record Card :

Patient Record Card 1

Patient Record Card 2

Patient Record Card 3

Other :

Marketing using Lists and SMS