Changes in Latest Update

Release Notes for 3.7.2 (22/03/2018)
bugfix: the monthview control for blocking off appointments now opens with the month that the user clicked on in the appointment book visible.

Users on all computers are warned if welfarepartners.exe is missing on the check computer (because of antivirus action).

Updated the look of the program.

The gms or prsi scheme code of a treatment is now displayed in the patient notes

The 24 digit program registration code is now copyable
Altered the way the update process so that it can now be skipped part through until it is possible to get exclusive access to the database. Formerly you were forced to go ahead with the update once you’d started which could be inconvenient.
It is now possible to turn off interactions with welfare partners altogether
Interactions with welfare partners will now only happen (under the hood) via one computer in a
manner analogous to how texting works in the program.
The program now checks that a welfare partners digital certificate is loaded in Panara on the checking computer and warns the user if one isn’t.
Made various small changes to how the program interacts with the welfare partners site in the hopes of making the program less intrusive from their point of view.